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Courseobjectives / Target audience

This 2-day course is planned for colorectal surgeons with advanced experience in laparoscopic TME and transanal rectal surgery and it is limited to 8 participants.

The didactic sessions will focus on the rationale for taTME, patient selection, a concept for a „stepwise approach“ to the technique and an overview of common pitfalls. There will be enough time for discussions with the experts after the lectures and during dinner.

Under guidance of international experts port placement (GelPOINT Path Transanal Access Platform and TEO-platform) and the surgical technique of the procedure will be trained on lap-trainers and on human cadavers (2 participants with 1 instructor at each cadaver)

On day 2 all participants will be able to observe live surgery in the OR.


We would strongly encourage surgeons to sign up in teams (2 surgeons + scrub nurse). There will be lectures specifically for the theatre staff and they will also be able to join in for the practical sessions.

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